15 Amazing Israeli Foods You Can Actually Buy On Amazon

I recently moved to the USA after living in Israel. What do I miss the most? The food! The first thing I did after moving was check what I could get on Amazon. I might not be able to get any good shawarma around here, but these will have to do.

1. Pop-rocks chocolate

pop rocks chocolate

I am so excited about this one! The chocolate that pops on your tongue and makes your head feel all weird is my ultimate addiction. I bring back about 10 of these every time I go to Israel. Now that I know that it’s on Amazon, it’s actually dangerous! Someone, hold me back. Get it here.

2. Jerusalem Tahini (tachina)

Tahini Jerusalem

There’s no holier place to get Tahini from then Jerusalem. Also, I have to get used to calling it ‘Tahini’ instead of ‘Techina’ (with the ‘ch’ sound). Get it here.

3. Mekupelet Chocolate

This was my favorite Israeli chocolate when I was a kid! Get it here.

4. Only the BEST olive oil, ever

Olive oil zeta (1)

No olive oil can beat this one. The taste is on another level! Get it here.

5. Pure Honey from Beehive Zuckerman

Pure Honey

Where’s a better place to get honey than from the land of milk and honey? Get it here.

6. Bamba


Of course, can’t live without it. The most famous of all Israeli snacks. Get it here.

7. Chocolate filled Bamba

Chocolate Bamba (1)

Well, it’s technically hazelnut cream filling, but everyone calls it chocolate Bamba. Yum! Get it here.

8. Halva

If you’ve never had it, you got to try it. This sweet sesame snack is super Israeli. Get it here.

9. Medjool Dates


Put an almond inside the date, and you’ve got yourself the perfect healthy snack that has been eaten for centuries. Get it here.

10. Turkish Black Coffee

Black Coffee

This is my husband’s absolute favorite. He adds cardamom to the coffee mix. I can’t get used to the strong flavor, but if I’m ordering all this chocolate, I may as well get something to make him happy too. Get it here.

11. Israeli Pickles
israeli Pickles

Pickles are a hit or miss, and these pickles hit the spot. Get it here.

12. Mini Soup Croutons

soup croutons

According to them, this is ‘the original’. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t, but I still eat them by the handful. Get it here.

13. Falafel Mix

falafel mix

I love making my falafel from scratch, but when I’m feeling lazy, this is perfect. Get it here.

14. Butterscotch Popcorn
popcorn osem

This is a classic that reminds me of going to the corner shop (makolet). Get it here.

15. BBQ flavored Bissli

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 4.56.26 PM

I’m not a huge Bissli fan, but sometimes a craving comes in, and I just got to have some… Get it here.