12 Israeli Sayings That Don’t Make Sense When Translated Into English (Part 2)

Back by popular demand is part two of the list of Israeli sayings that sound absolutely ridiculous when translated into English.

1. Oof al zeh

English translation: “fly on this.”

Actual meaning: to tell someone to “go for it.”

2. Kfotz Li

English translation: “jump me.”

Actual meaning: used to tell someone to buzz off.

If an Israeli tells you this, do NOT jump them. They wouldn’t be happy…

3. Chayim Tootim

English translation: “life is strawberries.”

Actual meaning: used to tell someone that your life is peachy.

What’s better? A peachy life or a strawberry life? Hmm…

4. Ani loh sam alayich

English translation: “I don’t put on you.”

Actual meaning: “I’m just not that into you” or “I give zero fucks.”

5. Le’echol Sratim

English translation: “to eat movies.”

Actual meaning: someone who loves drama or a drama queen.

6. Ya Naal

English translation: “such a shoe.”

Actual meaning: a dumb person.

Because what can be more insulting than being called a shoe?

7. Lo Asoo Oti Ba Etsbah

English translation: “they didn’t make me with a finger.”

Actual meaning: “what? Do you think I’m an idiot?”

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8. Ani Machook

English translation: “I’m erased.”

Actual meaning: you would say this when you have absolutely no energy left and you’re just exhausted. We all know the feeling.

9. Im harosh bakeer

English translation: “with his head in the wall.”

Actual meaning: a stubborn person.

10. Yalla Balagan

English translation: “let’s go (make a) mess.”

Actual meaning: let’s go wild!

11. Chai Be Seret

English translation: “living in a movie.”

Actual meaning: to describe someone who is delusional.

We all know someone like this, who goes through life acting as if they are starring in their own movie.

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12. Reseeseem la reeseem

English translation: shards/shrapnel to the eyelashes.

Actual meaning: “awesome” or to refer to someone who is smoking hot.

It’s the next level of Psatsot La Gabot (bombs to the eyebrows) which was in ‘Israeli Sayings That Don’t Make Sense’ Part 1.

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