16 Painfully True Expectations Vs Reality In Israel

Israel can be full of surprises. No matter where you’re headed, you will always find yourself in the funniest and most unexpected situations. Don’t believe me? Go see for yourself! Everything listed below are things I’ve experienced during my year in Israel.

Expectation: Coming home from the gym and taking a very hot shower.

Reality: Turning on the dud and having to wait 30 minutes before having hot water.

Expectation: People obviously paying for their own things in stores.

Reality: People giving you their things and their money. You have to wait in line and pay for them. Great.

Expectation: You take a ticket at the post office, wait for your number and get called up to the booth.

Reality: You get to the post office where the ticket machines are broken and you have to wait in line behind 30 people.

Expectation: Asking for a simple iced decaf black coffee during breakfast.

Reality: Getting 15% “low fat” milk, extra sugar and instant powdered coffee.

Expectation: Crazy drivers.

Reality: They’re crazier than you ever imagined. Honking, honking and more honking.

Expectation: Having a healthy lifestyle based around Israeli salad.

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Reality: You’re going to choose hummus, schnitzel or shawarma over salad every single time.

Expectation: A straight line when waiting for the bus.

Reality: A messy circle of people screaming and pushing you even if you were the first waiting in line.

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Expectation: You take the bus to work and arrive on time.

Reality: The bus driver decides to skip your stop because, well, he didn’t say.

Sharon is studying communications at IDC and has her own travel blog; BrandTravels