34 Yahoo Answers Questions About Jews That Will Make You Laugh

1. A rabbi named Santa…2. This person who might be asking if they can be Jewish and Asian.

3. This guy who just confused us even more.4. This girl who thinks her chain is being yanked.5. Those hats… 6. Mazal Tov, L’Haim!7. The huppites? 8. Exhibit A.9. This girl who accidentally joined a…10. THIS.11. This person who is looking for very specific friends.12. This person who changed everything with one punctuation mark.13. This guy who wants to know the best way to spot a Jew.14. This girl who wants cute Jewish-black babies.  15. This guy who just dropped a truth bomb.16. And this guy who needs some guidance.17. Everyone seems to be confused by this concept.18. This guy who is trying to do the math.19. This guy who had the easiest conversion ever.20. This anti-Semitic researcher.21. This guy who is, like, totally confused.22. This guy who really needs some hope.23. This girl!!!!!!!!!?24. This guy who prefers to check Yahoo Questions before Amazon.25. This person who was born with a Jewish nose.26. This misinformed person who wants to know the secret.27. Hmmm.28. You’re a banana.29. This guy who wants a ‘jew girl’.30. Another guy who sees the Jewish girl appeal.31. Erm… Zuckerberg. 32. This guy who seriously needs to check out Jewlish.