10 Super Fun (And Easy) Ways to Make a Difference in Israel

1. Host an event (either big or small)

Whether you’re throwing a raging party or having friends over for dinner, you can actually be supporting a cause in Israel that you believe in. Using a tool called Ella’s Hat, you can ask people to sponsor your event and 100% of the money raised will go to charity. It’s a perfect excuse to have a party!

2. Take advantage of your skills

You don’t need to dig deep into your pockets to make a difference. Whatever your skill is, you can use the Volunteer’s Living Room to offer that skill in return for a donation. Whether it’s jewelry making, logo design, songwriting, babysitting or filing someone’s tax returns, your skill could put food on a family’s table.

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3. Have a birthday, get married or graduate

Who needs more gifts? Instead, ask your family and friends to donate! This can be done here.

4. Run a marathon, face your fears, eat a whole pizza in 3 minutes

Challenge yourself to get your family and friends to sponsor your crazy idea on Ella’s Hat! This can be hilarious and will encourage you to do something amazing. Who knows? You might find out you are really, really good at eating pizza.

5. Sell your old clothes, furniture, school books

Your junk is someone else’s gold. It’s time to clear out your closet and make space for the new. Sell your things on Ella’s Market and all the money raised will go to charity projects in Israel.

6. Find a bargain

Now that you have all that extra space in your closet, fill it up with some great bargains and unique things you can find on Ella’s Market. And you’ll feel good about it too, because 100% of the money goes to charity.

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7. Volunteer from your own bedroom

You won’t even have to leave your bed for this one. You can volunteer at IsraElla by doing something you are already good at. Whether you are into graphic design, writing, social media, web development, photography or public relations, your talent can make a huge difference to an important non profit that supports all Israelis in need. Send IsraElla a message on Facebook and let them know you want to help. You can even include it on your resume as an internship!

8. Join a community of volunteers

When you join the IsraElla cause you are joining a community. IsraElla offers their volunteers a chance to learn from other volunteers. Want to learn more about blogging? Need career advice? Check out the interesting webinars that are available to IsraElla members (it’s free to join).

9. Run a webinar

Share your knowledge with the world. Sharing is caring, and other volunteers might be eager to learn. You have something to offer, and you can easily run a webinar on the IsraElla platform. It will be a fun way to connect with others who share your interests.

10. Every Penny Counts

That’s right! You can donate as little as you want, there is no minimum. Every little helps, so don’t feel pressured to give more than you can afford. The unique thing about IsraElla is that it is completely sponsored, which means that ALL the money you donate goes to charity. Donate your pennies here.