10 Stuffed Challahs That Will Make You Drool All Over The Shabbat Table

1. Cindy’s apple challah

I’m a momma’s boy, but that’s not why Cindy’s challah is the best one on this list. It’s earth-shatteringly unique and until now you would have to wait in line outside her house in Cleveland to get your hands on one. Recipe = finally revealed the top secret recipe and you can get it here (and only here).

1. This babka challah mashup

Let the drooling begin but don’t get the fresh white tablecloth dirty! This babkalla has a crisp crust and a gooey chocolatey inside. Get the recipe.

3. Cinnamon walnut stuffed challah

Oy, the drool is just pouring out. Get the recipe.

4. Challah hot dogs

‘Pigs in a blanket’ for grown-ups… Hamotzi hot-dogs min haaretz… Amen. Get the recipe.

5. Pesto challah

If you need challah recipes, then check out The Challah Blog. Literally, it’s in the name. Get the recipe.

6. Marzipan challah

Oh, yeh. Just want to smash my face into this marzipan challah from ‘my name is yeh’. Get the recipe.

7. Everything challah

Another legendary challah from the Attias Family Baking Company. Seriously, just look at this challah. If you’ve never tried one, you haven’t lived. Photo cred to artist Dan Levin.

8. Coffee cake challah

It might look like a dessert, but that’s why you should eat it at the beginning of the meal. Keep everyone on their toes. Get the recipe.

9. Cinnamon roll challah

We’ve made a damn good cinnamon roll challah for Jewlish, but you gotta try this one too. Still drooling? Get the recipe.

9. Pomegranate beet

Gorgeous challah for the holidays. Get the recipe.

10. Fig apple

Get the recipe. Now that you’ve drooled all over the place, grab a mop and clean it up!