12 Of The Best Delis In Los Angeles You Need To Try

You know when your stomach is growling and you’re just in the mood for a good deli sandwich? I am sure you know that feeling and I am sure every now and again you just want to sit in a booth, enjoy people watching and eat a dill pickle or two. Los Angeles, the city of Angels, is one city that has an abundance of delis both kosher and kosher-style. It might even have some close ties with our east coast competitor, New York City, but you didn’t hear it from me.

Here is the hot list and must-tries of Los Angeles’s best delis.

1. Bagel Nosh – Santa Monica

Bagel Nosh is one of my favorites in Los Angeles since I personally know the owner. I had made plenty of orders for morning bagels at a production company with certain amounts of cream cheese and select bagels! The owner has lots of patience and is always willing to give suggestions! This hot spot, located in Santa Monica, is near all the car dealerships and is family owned. It’s a local spot and anything deli can be chosen there to munch on. My favorite is lox, cream cheese, and an everything bagel not toasted (everything on it except the capers). The staff is very friendly and the place is set up like a Panera where you pay when you order. Also, it’s not over priced like a lot of delis are in Los Angeles. The food is delicious, offers free Wi-Fi to paid customers, large TVs to keep you updated on the latest news and most importantly, clean. Bagels are made fresh everyday and are quite tasty!

2. Uncle Bernie’s – Encino

Uncle Bernie’s is an absolute hidden gem in the valley! It is on the border of Tarzana and located (technically) in Encino. Driving by it, no one would ever think that it was a deli as it is located in a strip mall, right next door to McDonald’s. I happened to have found this place after passing by it so many times that I was curious to know how the food was. Well, it was delightful and delicious! For the older folk, they offer some great deals and for any deli dish, prices are manageable and food portions are LARGE! This place feels very homey and the clientele is mixed with the young and wise. Staff is friendly and the place is very clean. It is a large restaurant which is always busy.

3. Izzy’s Deli – Santa  Monica

This place has been around FOREVER! Open 24 hours, it is a place that I find myself in before work for a hot breakfast and kind company. The staff is always willing to tell their story and their menu offers many options. It is another spot that I check out when in the area. What they are known for? Being one of the few 24 hour delis in the city. If you are craving a stacked high turkey sandwich or chopped liver or even soup in the middle of the night, this is your spot. Again, prices are manageable and portions are good.

4. Wexler’s Deli – Santa Monica

Wexler’s Deli actually has a few locations and the one that I tried recently was the one in the Grand Central Market located in Downtown LA. They have another spot in Santa Monica but I prefer standing amongst the crazy passer-byers in a rush to choose what to consume. They offer a bunch of options but compared to the other spots, they seem to have a more limited menu. Their potato salad is AMAZING! I must say for their bagel and lox, they serve 4 oz. of happiness with every order! Other dishes they are known for are sandwiches and soup, so you should definitely stop by!

5. Canter’s Deli – Fairfax District

This place is an institution and is one for the books. A must try by all Los Angelinos locals and a spot very well located in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles. It is near the Writer’s Guild of America, The Grove, and the Farmer’s Market along with the popular shopping street and home of the Groundling’s Theatre, Melrose. This restaurant is an institution to this city as it is a place to not only get a deli sandwich stacked high with pastrami but also a spot to get baked goods like rugelach and rainbow cake as well as many other unhealthy but delicious options. Sometimes you may even spot a celebrity! They also have a dive bar at the back called the ‘Kibitz Room’ where you can check out some live music and drink beer with locals. It’s also open all night!

6. Brent’s – Northridge

It is famously known in the valley and one of the most well known delis of Los Angeles. This is a popular spot to check out. Many people come from all over to get their platters for dinners, small events, and even parties. Brent’s has been around the bend since 1967 and clearly they have been successful at what they know best, food! They have traditional deli favorites, homemade soups, entrees and many more options.

7. Frank’s Weiler’s Deli – Canoga Park

Another hit in the valley! This deli offers catering and grilled sandwiches amongst other great items. They have pastrami, corned beef, roast beef, turkey and many more options. It’s not your typical deli – they have some Mexican twists on traditional deli dishes with tacos, stir fries, burritos and more. Seems to be a great spot when you’re in the mood for trying something new. This great spot is highly rated on DoorDash and Yelp!

8. Langer’s Deli – DTLA

Known for its hot pastrami, cheese blintzes and their delicious dinner options! Located in downtown Los Angeles, which is the center of fashion, business, and luxury – it’s an up and coming city as it’s currently in the process of getting a facelift. DTLA has the Walt Disney Music Hall, The Broad, MOCA, Grand Central Market, great restaurants, and more and more spots to check out. Also, while this restaurant is known for certain things, everything is delicious, so you really can’t go wrong. If you are ever in the area, definitely check out this neighborhood spot.

9. Art’s Deli – Studio City

Smack dab in the middle of Studio City, located on Ventura Blvd! It is in a great spot since there are little shops, Barnes & Noble, a Starbucks and many cute restaurants. It is said to be the best (in competition with Canter’s) but it’s for you to check out and see who wins that battle of deli food! Quite pricey but a great spot known for their soups and sandwiches. They even offer a card with Yiddish terminology so you don’t forget your experience! Food is delicious and a must try!

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10. Factor’s Famous Deli – Pico Blvd. 

If this deli doesn’t fit into Los Angeles, I don’t know what does. Even the name is up in lights! It is a well known spot located on Pico Blvd. in West Los Angeles. Prices are manageable and the selection is quite diverse with chips and salsa, fried mozzarella, an assortment of fishes, and a ton of options of deli sandwiches along with other great options. It has been around since 1948.

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11. Nate’n Al Delicatessen – Beverly Hills

I haven’t had chopped liver in years but this place has the best chopped liver I have had in a very long time! Aside from that, their sandwiches are delicious and their meats are rare when it comes to roast beef and pastrami. It is very delectable and a great spot to get catering from. Nate’n Al Delicatessen has some of the classics like Matzo Brei, Blintzes, Breakfast foods, and Granola. I definitely recommend trying it out! 

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12. Mort’s Delicatessen – Encino

Some of the best lox and cream cheese on a bagel I have ever had. Their portions are quite large, so you definitely won’t leave hungry. Their egg salad is a bit too much onion for my taste but everything is made right in front of you, so you know it’s fresh. It’s a small restaurant with an amazing bakery attached. Oh that bakery sends me dreaming! Everything is delicious and I must say that you can’t go wrong with anything you choose.

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13. Lovi’s Deli – Calabasas

Oh Calabasas! The home of the Kardashians, the Biebers, and many other celebrities. It is also the home of where some of my closest friends grew up. Lovi’s was the first deli I discovered when I moved to Los Angeles. But enough about my schpiel! It’s a trendy and clean little spot that has a bar, a bakery, and inside/outside dining. They have this great deal where you can order half a sandwich of your choice, a cup of soup, and a drink, all for under $15. Trust me, you’ll be full – the cup of soup is more like a little bowl so you’re getting a bang for your buck. For dessert they have tapioca pudding. I haven’t had one bad thing on their menu! The staff is kind and they first serve your table with bagel chips (FTW!) and dill pickles that are sliced. I enjoy coming by this spot because it feels like home since it was my first dinner with my parents before they left so I can live in California. It’s a great spot for dinner but not much to do afterwards in the area since Calabasas is an early evening kind of town.

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