12 Top Restaurants In Tel Aviv For Every Possible Craving

No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’re guaranteed to find it in one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. With the most diverse and delicious restaurants, you’ll never have a craving you can’t satisfy. Hope you’re all hungry!

1. Authentic Japanese Sushi craving


When it comes to sushi, you don’t want to risk eating in the wrong place. Here they serve the freshest salmon and tuna that you might become addicted to (don’t say we didn’t warn you). The rolls, the fish and the starters are beyond amazing.tel aviv restaurants

2. Food served on pieces of cardboard or in paper bags craving

Abraxas North

Yes, that might actually be a craving, but even if it’s not, the food here is definitely worth checking out. What to order? The beef carpaccio, sweet potatoes, green beans and beetroot salad. Even if you’re full, you need to get dessert. The chocolate mousse is to die for!

tel aviv restaurants

3. Big Brunch Buffet Craving

The Norman Boutique Hotel

If you wake up Sunday morning and are absolutely starving, we suggest you head over to the Norman Boutique Hotel. The buffet has a variety of things such as brioche, bread, fruits and many different kinds of cheese. The eggs are the best part, so don’t forget to order ’em.

tel aviv restaurants

4. Market Street Food Craving

Port Said

What’s better than eating on a cool sidewalks of Tel Aviv? Port Said is always so packed that people just sit down on the street and eat their food there. This is a very trendy and popular place, especially with the hipsters.tel aviv restaurants

5. French Toast Craving


If you head to Bucke, forget everything on the menu and just order their famous french toast. It is caramelized and has Nutella and cream all over it. You will be speechless. Literally the best french toast in the world!

tel aviv restaurants

6. American Food Craving

Cafe Xoho

From cream cheese bagels to m&m cookies, Cafe Xoho is there to help satisfy any American food craving. Add egg, cheese, salmon and Sriracha to your bagel – it might sound crazy but it is so tasty! tel aviv restaurants

7. Frozen Yogurt Craving


If you’re a fan of frozen yogurt, Tamara will make you happy. Since Israel is such a hot country, getting a fresh frozen yogurt with fresh fruits toppings is ideal. It is also conveniently located a block away from the beach!

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8. Sweet and Savory Yogurt Craving

Yogurt Kitchen

The one ingredient you’ll find in everything you order is yogurt. From cucumber mint, smoked salmon to pineapple chocolate and tiramisu, they have it all. It may sound super weird, but it actually tastes amazing!tel aviv restaurants

9. Asian Fusion Craving

FU Sushi

The sushi and salads here will leave you wanting more but the presentation is the best part. The salmon tartare even has edible flower arrangement in it.tel aviv restaurants

10. Spanish Tapas Craving


Spanish food is about variety, which is why tapas is the way to go! The choice is so huge, you won’t know where to start. The good news is, you can’t go wrong. Don’t forget to order the white sangria, it is one of the best things on their menu.

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11. See and be seen craving

Social Club

This high end trendy place has great vibes and is always a lot of fun. What to order? Their artichoke salad, tomato and burrata side dish and salmon bowls. All their pastas are great too.

tel aviv restaurants

12. Italian Food Craving

La Repubblica

If you’re a pasta lover, please take my advice and head to La Repubblica, where you will be served better pasta than even in Italy. Don’t forget to ask for their specials, because those are usually the best.

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